About me

(This photo copyright Fiona Wright 2010)

(Photo © Fiona Wright 2009)
I've been taking photos ever since I was given my first camera - a Kodak Instamatic 126 - when I was about nine years old. Since then I have progressed through increasingly sophisticated equipment: my first 35mm SLR in 1973 (a venerable Zenit-E, built like a Russian tank), a Pentax in the 1980s, my first Nikon in 1999 and finally my first digital SLR (a Nikon) in 2007.

My work is mainly abstract in nature and based on the urban environment. There is so much that, because we see it constantly, we no longer notice – street furniture, the reflections in glass-fronted buildings, the patterns of lines and colours in architecture. I try to make people look again at everyday objects and see them in a new way, to realise that there is beauty in a bench, a flight of stairs, the shape a streetlamp makes against the sky.

Within this broad theme I have two particular fascinations: reflections, and steps and stairs. Modern glass-fronted buildings create such wonderful reflections which are almost always so very subtly distorted and produce their own frame around a scene. Stairs are just as amazing, a sort of architectural koan: they are simultaneously static but moving, they go up - they go down.

Currently I'm not a full-time photographer but who knows, maybe one day...

Why London and Atlanta?

I've been asked several times why London and Atlanta feature so often in my photographs.

London is easy - it's where I've lived and worked for more than 30 years. I'm not in love with London, I'm totally besotted with it! I take every opportunity I can to explore it with my camera to hand, especially the City at weekends when the streets are almost deserted and I can get to grips with the fabulous images its buildings offer.

And as for Atlanta? Well, I travel there often on business and so it's another city I've come to know well. Like London, its many amazing buildings offer me endless opportunities to create interesting images.